Unleveled Designs – my journey through woodworking with all the mistakes revealed.

I’m just an average Joe born and raised in South Carolina now in Texas with my two amazing boxers.

Growing up I was continually watching my old man out in the shop, building our family home, or working on real estate repairs: where I got to be the most cost efficient gofer’ one can afford, FREE (unless you account for feeding me and putting a roof over my head I suppose). Watching the old man work and being taught along the way I grew an appreciation for working with wood and performing my own home repairs and remodels. I’ve carried on the interest in carpentry and expanded slightly into fine woodworking while i was in college.

During college I worked both in a structures lab building rough form work for concrete pours as well as for a small mom and pop shop (woodzone) selling exotic lumber and woodworking tools. My time at wood zone taught me the whole other side of woodworking I had not been exposed to. It started with wood turning and was followed by a couple classes on carving and cabinet making; I even started making my own bow (wonder where that ran away to…. Hmm).

I continued my woodworking by making plenty of mistakes and figuring stuff out on my first home. Until I relocated to Houston, Texas to put my engineering degree to better use. After finally purchasing another home in 2015 I was able to move my tools back down with me, purchase some more, and finally set up shop in my garage. Which brings me to today here at the end of 2017 while working offshore I’ve decided that I’d like to start sharing my projects with the world.

This is my first experience with a blog so I’m sure I have a lot to learn so bear with me while I get used to creating regular content. My goal with this blog is to maybe give some inspiration that anyone can do this stuff (I mean I’ve not lost a finger yet and only broken a few things around the house). Along the way I hope to share my projects builds with some light text explaining my thinking and mistakes. Eventually I’ll try to post some reviews on my various tools I own and hopefully on tools I’ve yet to purchase.

If you happen to catch the blog early before I get really up and going find a way to drop me a line for where to go from here and what type of content you’d love to see that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • You may notice a lot of links throughout the blog. I place amazon links to everything, 1) for ease of finding everything in a single location and 2) if you buy something from amazon after clicking one of my links I may get a small kickback as part of Amazon Associates program. So click away my friends but if you want to help me out a bit then buy something after you do 😉
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