Tool Wish List

If only wishes were dollars, check out my tool wish list.

You know Christmas is approaching and currently my primary readers are my friends and family so I’m going to kill two birds with one stone. More traffic to the site and a centralized location for my tool related wish list. If you see something on my list with a better alternative let me know in the comments. I’ll continue to add and update the list over time.

*I place amazon links to everything 1) for ease of finding everything in a single location and 2) if you buy something from amazon after clicking one of my links I may get a small kickback as part of Amazon Associates program.

A new Band saw would be excellent. I’d like to get a nice 14″ and these Laguna models have really drawn my attention. The downside here is that the rollers and light are not included, but they can always be added later.





I tried making a sled for my saw and managed to mess it up somehow (too tight of tolerance I think. But I really don’t care for the miter gauge that came on my table saw. A nice Incra would be just the ticket.


While talking about the table saw may as well talk a little about safety. These GRR..RIPPER push blocks have been in my mind for a while as a nice neat way to safely push lumber through. I like that you can buy additional accessories that work with them and you can use one push block for anything. I don’t even need the 2 pack I linked to.. The single would be fine.


My table saw already has a nice out feed table but what I am really missing is some extra support for pushing through wider material a couple decent rollers could go a long way for me.



Now, until I can get a bigger cabinet saw to handle my full sheets of plywood easier. I’ve been seeing this kreg rip system that has really caught my interest. It looks substantially easier to set up and run with than all the time I spend clamping guide boards in place.



 In addition to the rip system, this guide track by Kreg also looks quite nice. For my cabinets that I want to start making in the house would all benefit from me owning either of these items.

Really, ANY of the Kreg jigs, clamps, rails, etc etch would be a great addition to the shop. I really like what those guys have come up with and would love to get my hands on more of their products.


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