Finding a Stud

Ever need to find a stud but never thought to buy a stud finder- Well I’m here to help.

Ever have a time you were just finishing that new shelf or cabinet and really want to mount it to the wall and then…. AH $#!+ stud finder no where to be found or the batteries are dead.

Now what to do, you don’t want to run to the store for new batteries; you know that your motivation will disappear when you get back and your project will sit on the floor till next weekend when you can start again.

No worries; I’m here to give you a couple tips, one of which always surprises my friends (hint: its magnets).

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Fireplace… In Texas… I think not.

Who really needs a fireplace in Houston, Texas.

Now a first real entry for y’all to enjoy.

I bought my house knowing it needed a little work, a little cleaning, and AH who am i kidding the place is perfectly livable but not perfect for me. One of my biggest problems was the fireplace, which was situated exactly in the middle of my otherwise generously sized living room. So this thing had to go.  (Who really needs a fireplace in Houston, Texas) Continue reading “Fireplace… In Texas… I think not.”

First post on a first blog

I started my own blog…

I’m here, i’ve done it, I started my own blog… Now what do I do with it.

Stay tuned as I figure out how this all works and what I want to do with it. In the mean time I’ve gotten my “about me” up in rough draft version so check it out.

Me and my co author’s hope to get some content up soon.

My co-authors even if it is a bit old of a picture