Choosing A Band-Saw Blade

Never bought a bandsaw blade before, now I know what to look for.

Bandsaw I bought used for quite a good deal.

Hey everyone, I’ve been having issues with my band-saw not tracking and decided to look into it. Since researching I’ve managed to find 2 things I should be trying; the first is to get my settings correct on the band-saw – blade location, guides properly tuned, tension set properly. The second is possibly needing a new blade.

I’m offshore at the moment so I decided to research into what I can control now – buying a proper blade. I’ve never bought a band-saw blade before so I couldn’t just go out and purchase straight away. HOWEVER, now I have done quite a bit of looking up and made the tables you see below. It actually seems to be quite straightforward for a hobbyist such as myself.

If you would like much more in-depth knowledge, the best I have found all in one place was at Saw Mill Creek forum.

Take a look at the information below to determine the best blade for you. For those of you that can fill me in on anything missing please leave a comment or drop me an email.

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Finding a Stud

Ever need to find a stud but never thought to buy a stud finder- Well I’m here to help.

Ever have a time you were just finishing that new shelf or cabinet and really want to mount it to the wall and then…. AH $#!+ stud finder no where to be found or the batteries are dead.

Now what to do, you don’t want to run to the store for new batteries; you know that your motivation will disappear when you get back and your project will sit on the floor till next weekend when you can start again.

No worries; I’m here to give you a couple tips, one of which always surprises my friends (hint: its magnets).

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