Guest room queen bedframe

So this story starts with a visit from my parents shortly after purchasing my house the year I bought it. That year I bought a mattress but nothing else so they had the luxurious opportunity to live like a college student with a mattress directly on the floor. I made the silly promise that their next visit I would have a bed frame (hopefully one that I would build on my own).

I’ll give you one guess what I did not have when my old man visited the following Christmas. Well this year my whole family is coming to visit for the holidays and I fear my mother would not be as easy going as my dad was to sleep essentially on the floor so go ahead and scroll down to see how I went from Mattress on the floor to what I consider a pretty decent looking bed frame (for a first piece of furniture)



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First post on a first blog

I started my own blog…

I’m here, i’ve done it, I started my own blog… Now what do I do with it.

Stay tuned as I figure out how this all works and what I want to do with it. In the mean time I’ve gotten my “about me” up in rough draft version so check it out.

Me and my co author’s hope to get some content up soon.

My co-authors even if it is a bit old of a picture
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