Best worst assistants ever – Dogs

Everyone loves pets I’m lucky enough to have mine join me in the shop.

So sitting offshore, surfing forums on my breaks, thinking of what’s next in the shop and it hit me how much I miss my boys. I love having them out in the garage with me while I work even if they don’t quite understand not walking under my feet or staying out of the dust.  Anyway, here are a couple shots of them helping me out. 

When I first got Dallas and was working on building my lumber rack workbench.
The boys have taken to sitting at the corner of my bench and watching things go by.
He also gets very curious about the areas I’v blocked off with plastic..
Gotta see the front yard but not allowed out of the garage.





Author: Unleveled Designs

Small town guy living in a big city. Enjoy reading about finance and working in the garage turned woodshop. Trying to figure out how the blogging thing all works.

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